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Tax preparer similar occupations Form: What You Should Know

As an IRS employee,  Your Own Guide to Tax Advice For You And Your Family 11 Tax-Related Careers (Without Salaries and Duties) | Indeed.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tax preparer similar occupations

Instructions and Help about Tax preparer similar occupations

Hi my name is Tammy your max axe trainer and I just want to again welcome you to the max tacs family and congratulate you for taking the steps to becoming a max tax agent becoming a tax preparer is both a challenging and rewarding journey that you'll never forget now before we get started I just want to remind everybody that if you are not already signed up for our mailing list please shoot be sure to go to our website max tax refund guarantee com backslash jobs so you can receive your instructional material directly to your inbox now let's go ahead and get started all right let's go ahead and go over the topics for this video in this video we're going to cover a brief history of US tax history when I say brief I mean very brief then we're going to go over the max tax difference the compensation plan which I'm sure everybody is interested in and the irs.gov website your reference material all right so a brief history in US tax taxes in US history taxes and Taxation have been important issues in America's past present and future if you recall from your high school social studies class taxes can be cited as one cause of the American Revolution you may recall things like the Boston Tea Party or one columnist shouting taxation without representation is tyranny taxes date back as far as 2023 BC where tax collectors first appeared in ancient tomb paintings the current tax system in the US has developed over the course of more than 200 years over this time period lawmakers have always de strived to achieve three main goals one to raise revenue for things like roads bridges schools police and other public services two to influence...