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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tax preparer kept my refund

Instructions and Help about Tax preparer kept my refund

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I just found out the IRS issued my tax refund today. I filed electronically. Does my tax preparer print my check in his office or is it sent to his office?
Unless you signed up for a Refund anticipation loan - Wikipedia, then your tax refund should come directly to you. The refund will either be a direct deposit if you requested that or it will be a check payable to you mailed to the address on your return.
Can you pay to have your refund rushed but paid out of your tax return when filling?
Neither the IRS nor, as far as I know, any US state with a state income tax, has any sort of program that allows you to pay extra to have your return processed expeditiously. All returns are processed in the order received (more or less), and the IRS provides no guarantees on when your refund will be issued, if indeed ever.If you pay a tax preparer to prepare your return, the preparer may offer you to pay a fee to receive your refund u201cfasteru201d. This is what is called a u201crefund anticipation loanu201d: the preparer is offering to give you a short-term loan, similar to a payday loan, in exchange for you handing over your tax return to them. They will deduct fees and interest up front.Refund anticipation loans are almost always a bad deal for the consumer, there are often large fees on such loans and the interest rates can exceed 100% APR. This is an abusive form of predatory lending. Many states have laws that attempt to curtail such practices, but preparers violate these laws on a depressingly frequent basis. State Attorneys General and other consumer financial advocates regularly warn consumers against refund anticipation loans. See, for example, Illinois Attorney General - Refund Anticipation Loans:The busy tax season often brings a wide variety of scams aimed at defrauding consumers of their hard-earned tax refunds. Attorney General Madigan is warning consumers to be wary of refund anticipation products that promise a faster refund. Tax preparers pitch a variety of these products u2022 tax refund anticipation loans, checks or debit cards u2022 as a way to receive a tax refund instantly. In reality, they are short-term loans that often saddle consumers with high interest rates and fees that are deducted from their tax refund.Itu2019s Your Refundu2014Hereu2019s How to Keep More of It!You probably do not need a tax refund loan. If you file your tax return electronically, you can get your refund very quicklyu2014in approximately two to three weeksu2014without getting a loan. You can find an organization willing to help you prepare and file your taxes for free by calling the Center for Economic Progress at 312-252-0280 or visiting this website for resources near you: http://irs.treasury.gov/freetaxp....You can find IRS policies regarding refund anticipation loans here: Tax Refund Related ProductsMy advice is to simply file the return. If you file early enough, youu2019ll get your refund faster than you probably expected. Itu2019s not worth the cost and added risk of a refund anticipation loan to get a smaller tax refund a few weeks sooner.
What do I do about my tax preparer stealing my entire refund?
First thing to do is contact the IRS and have them trace the refund. They will send you a verification that states where the refund actually went.If you do not recognize the account that the refund was deposited into, complete an IRS form 14039. Its an affidavit that informs the IRS that you are a victim of tax fraud.Sometimes they can recover the refund by backing it out of the account it was deposited into. If that option is not available, there are other ways they can help recover the money depending on your circumstances.
What form does a J1 visa student who worked over the summer need to fill out to get a tax refund from the US government?
You need form 1040NR (or 1040NR-EZ) and form 8843.See Publication 519 (2022), U.S. Tax Guide for Aliensu00a0u00a0 for some help as well as Page on irs.gov. You may have to file a nonresident state tax return as well but that depends on your state.Be careful when using web-based software (such as TurboTax) because not all of them support nonresident forms.
Is it illegal for my boss to fill out the tax papers to tell them how much to take out?
It would be illegal for an employer to fill out a W-4 form for you.However, if you have not signed a W-4 form and given it to your employer, the employer is still required to withhold taxes. If I remember correctly they must do as if you'd filled out the form as single with exemptions.If you want to change what your employer is withholding, you should be able to go to Internal Revenue Service, print out a W-4 form, fill it out and give it to your employer.If after that your withholding doesn't change in a reasonable time (I think they're allowed a couple of weeks), then talk to the IRS.
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