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My tax person messed up my taxes Form: What You Should Know

Borrowers that applied for loans using SBA Forms 2483-C or individual, general partners,¬† or owner-employees of an S-corporation, who made at least 150,000 loan, to be renewed each year by December 31, 2019, will be¬† precluded from receiving a refund for the tax year during which the loan was made. Borrowers who do not receive a refund for the¬† tax years in which the loan was made and who were not otherwise exempt from tax under Section 382 of the Internal Revenue¬† Code, may file Form 4852¬†(with accompanying proof of exemption) to request a refund. For more information, please click here. Form 4852 Application for Tax Refund Please click here for instructions and required documents for applications to request a refund for a Section 382 tax on the loans made using SBA Form 2483-C or to petition the¬† Tax Court for a refund of any tax paid due to the SBA disaster program. July 30, 2023 ‚ÄĒ Form 4852-S is for customers¬† receiving tax refunds due to the SBA disaster program. You do not need to have received a refund but must provide the following¬† documents to SBA to be eligible to request a refund: (1) a copy of the¬†Form 4852S with the tax returns you filed that were due for the¬†tax year for which you want a refund and (2) proof of your exemption from Section¬† 382 of the Internal Revenue Code. A request for a refund of the tax withheld must be received by SBA by no later than January 3¬† of¬†2020.¬† The SBA Disaster Loan Program is a program designed to assist small businesses in meeting the costs associated with emergency situations, such as hurricanes and wildfires. Small and disadvantaged business¬† must agree to share the risk of default in the event SBA, its affiliates, or its owners or managers of an S-Corporation is forced to pay all or a portion of the outstanding debt. This¬† program offers loan forgiveness and/or consolidation at no cost to SBA and with the option to purchase back the S-Corporation from the¬† Lender.

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Instructions and Help about My tax person messed up my taxes

Well this is fred wahl and welcome to tuesday's tax tips today I wanted to spend some time kind of talking a little bit about the benefits of using a tax preparer to me I think there's two very important benefits to think about one of the first benefits is the personal touch of a tax preparer will help you to maximize your finances I help clients think about retirement planning I help clients to kind of look at college planning and saving for college for their kids and I also help clients when it comes to saving money getting out of debt and some of the other very important things that affect your finances so I think one of the one of the things when you use a tax professional is that it's the personal touch the second thing is you have the convenience and peace of mind and the confidence in knowing that it was done correctly and it was done efficiently so again two things the personal touch of a tax professional allows you to maximize your finances and the convenience and peace of mind lets you know that it's being done correctly and it's being done efficiently so I want you to consider those things if you're considering doing taxes on your own alright I will talk to you soon and this was Tuesday's tax tips with wallet tax and financial.